Coffee Is Inspiring, Isn’t it?


How does coffee inspire me? Well, maybe it’s a bit sad to say coffee itself inspires me… more the act of having a coffee seems to often give me inspiration and I’ve found it’s mainly in these three topics ^.

Work: I struggle to concentrate at home, faaar too many distractions, the biggest one being my dog… he’s just irresistibly cute! There were many times during my study days where you’d find me in a coffee shop, books and highlighters sprawled across the table, large coffee in the centre, headphones in. I suppose this gave me the feeling of being out of the house and in an environment that is slightly different, rather than staring at my bedroom wall (although admittedly there are some hilarious postcards plastered all over that wall). It’s stupid to admit but sometimes it gave me that New York, fashion journalist, independent, grown up, *insert Anne Hathaway/Sandra Bullock/Jennifer Aniston film here* type feeling, which I guess did inspire me to work harder, maybe just for the wrong reasons.


Key West, Florida 2015 – Amazing cuban coffee stall

Travel – whether we’re talking globally or just in the UK, every new destination means a new cafe to try! Every cafe is different, be that its branding, decor, coffee cups, coffee beans, food or music. For me, this is inspiring because, well, it’s all market research – the dream is to have my own cafe one day (my excuse for trying the cake) – and of course it means tasting and seeing new things, which is always an enjoyable experience.


Explore – exploring is exciting but tiring. What do we need when we’re tired… coffee! Coffee-stops during my New York trip gave me time to sit back and reflect on my the days events and catch up with my journal. It’s good to have a break in these busy, sometimes touristy days because that’s how we soak everything in and use this to inspire ourselves later!

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