Melbourne – Coffee with a Side of Street Art




Whether you’re into your street art or not, it’s not something to be missed when in Melbourne. Whilst there is a lot of fascinating graffiti throughout the city, the main attraction lies in Hosier Lane, where the walls are decorated from head to toe in beautiful, bold colours and captivating, detailed art. To my delight, whilst gorping at the floating shoes above my head, I stumbled across coffee!



This coffee however, is not just any coffee. It’s coffee with a good cause! Good 2 Go not only has an epic location but it’s worth the trip simply to help support their fantastic youth project. Good 2 Go offers support for homelessness and poverty by offering jobs in customer service so young people can gain some work experience to help them get back on their feet! So if you love your coffee and want to support something great, head to Hosier Lane’s Good 2 Go! More information about Good 2 Go can be found here.



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One thought on “Melbourne – Coffee with a Side of Street Art

  1. Hey, thanks for the appreciation of what we do! Happy to have fueled your adventure down hosier lane. Look forward to reading about more brunch spots!!
    Jane from g2g


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