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Fritters Are Rocking My World – Four Spots For Fritters


Figjam Cafe // Carnegie // Victoria AUS

Fritters are in every brunch spot at the moment and I am not complaining! With so many varieties; corn, sweat potato, pumpkin, bubble & squeak, I find myself struggling to choose anything else.

Screen Shot 2016-10-19 at 17.54.12.png

Wise Men Say // Brighton // Victoria AUS

Fritters are a great bread alternative (often come GF) and if you’re a vegetable lover like me, they are bursting with fabulous flavours and varieties!


Desco Lounge // Shirley, Solihull // UK 

Now I’m not saying these deep fried delights are necessarily healthy however who’s to say you can’t make your own healthy variations at home? What a great way to get rid of all your left over veg – just chop them up, throw them in a bowl with a bit of flower and fry! (Here’s an actual recipe for making your own.)


The Boston Tea Party // Bath // UK

As you can see, the ultimate fritter topping is of course, a poached egg and if we’re getting extra tasty, Halloumi – YUM. So next time you’re out for a spot of brunch, why not skip the classic smashed avo and try something new – trust me, fritters will not let you down!

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