Want To Know The Ultimate Breakfast Boosting Seed?


Chia seeds are all over social media; their frog spawn like appearance somehow not preventing their ability to look appealing in a mason jar. However, as much as they may provide us with a few more Instagram likes, why do we actually bother with these, in my opinion, not so great tasting seeds?

The word chai is in fact the ancient Mayan word for ‘strength’ and this is not by coincidence – it is in developing research that chai seeds can help your athletic performance and build up your energy. Although chai seeds are tiny, they are well stocked up! They contain incredible amounts of nutrition and antioxidants that truly give them the rights to their modern day title ‘superfood’. All of their high levels in fibre, protein, omega and more give the seeds plenty of health boosting benefits that would be silly to miss out on!? (See more detail here)

So what’s the best way to eat these?

Well, you can soak chai seeds in water or different milks however if you’re like me and you can’t stand the taste or texture I’ve found the perfect way to hide them… Oats!

Screen Shot 2016-10-14 at 22.37.16.png

I’m a big fan of my morning bowl of oats. I like to add lots of different fruit toppings, seeds, nuts, milks, preserves, you name it I’ve added it. So I figured, what better way to hide the taste but get the goodness, than adding them to my porridge!

If I’m doing overnight oats this works fantastically – just make sure you have enough liquid for the oats and the chia seeds – those guys can hold up to 12 times their weight in water!

However, if you weren’t prep’d enough there’s no need to worry. Chia seeds still do lots of soaking up when porridge is on the hob. Just add the seeds with the oats, add whatever liquids you use and cook as usual. I often cook it on a slightly lower heat, just to give the seeds more time to expand. (You preferably want to soak chia seeds, as that way they’re easier for the body to digest and therefore can be used to their full potential.)

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