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Travelling? Don’t Miss The Markets!


When you’re travelling you often have days where you’re sitting around your hostel and you want to go explore what’s around but you feel like you need a purpose. Well here’s a key word – Markets. So often there will be beautiful markets around your accommodation selling super tasty food and for often a lot less than supermarkets and of course cheaper than any restaurants.


The best thing about markets is the freshness! They’re selling products straight from the farm, no marketing costs, no middle man, no celebrity face, you’re simply paying for great tasting freshness and normally for less! I’m a sucker for strolling around a market and buying snippets and bite-sized portions or fruit, veg, juices, cakes, bread, pastries, anything that takes my fancy. You’ll be surprised how quickly you’ll fill up and on so many delicious flavours.


And then of course, once you’ve finished picking and found your favourite stalls, it’s time to start buying real portion sizes so you have enough to demolish at home for the next few days! Markets really are a great source for fresh, delicious, cheaper food and you’re supporting the people who actually put the work into producing all this goodness.

Some markets I’ve loved in Aus:

  • Melbourne – Queen Victoria Markets (Day and Night)
  • Cairns – Rustys Market
  • Sunshine Coast – Eumundi Markets
  • Noosa – Farmers Market



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