How To: Make Sure Eggs Never Get Boring!

As a brunch fanatic, eggs are a big part of my life. However, I eat certain foods in excessive amounts, get sick of them and a couple of months later rekindle my love and restart the love hate process again. I’ve found egg (and of course, my favourite, avocado) to be a pretty key part of my diet and therefore I like to ensure I shake it up as much as possible – which thankfully is pretty easy to do…


The classic. A fry up. Fried eggs are great, not the healthiest choice but certainly super quick and super tasty. Theres nothing more satisfying then a fried egg oozing out over whatever’s underneath – especially if it’s adding a bit of sauce to asparagus and quinoa, yum!


Boiled eggs are what I like to refer to as my ‘transportable egg’. Often I’ll boil some eggs, fry some veg and throw it in a box ready to devour at my desk twenty minutes later. There easy to carry around in the shell and are delicious hot and cold.


Scrambled, it goes with everything and totally jazz’s up a bland piece of toast. Scrambled has the great ability to be made slowly and delicately with a lot of flavour on the hob or to be thrown in the microwave for a minute when you simply just really need to eat or you’ll pass out of lack of food (me every two hours if I’ve not snacked).


Poached is the ultimate brunch egg. I love poached eggs however I’ve still not knacked the ability to poach without silicone poaching cups – this is definitely something I need to learn, ASAP. Poached eggs are great with everything – that’s a fact.


I like to call these… Avo Eggs. Crack your eggs into the avocado and bake for about 15 minutes. I’ll then just throw in some onion, pepper, mixed beans, mushroom and feta, basically just whatever’s in the fridge – so delish! These are so easy and something a bit different for when you need a change.



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