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Cairns – Fruit Of The Day – Pineapple!


I stumbled across this colourful cafe a few days ago and felt it would be irrational, as a brunch blogger, to not check it out.


Sunshine and pineapples – the perfect combination? The Pineapple Cafe radiates summer vibes and provides fresh, fruity foods perfect for this sunny season. Like most places in Cairns it’s easy to get to and has both inside and outside seating; you can bask in the sun with your fruit juice or observe some seriously cool art work whilst engulfing a superfood concoction.


As it was just topping over thirty degrees and – being British – this means I’m a hot flustering mess after a fifteen minute walk, I decided to go for something cooling and refreshing on todays menu. I couldn’t have made a better choice – their mango smoothie bowl (see below) topped with homemade granola, pineapple (of course), blueberries (my favourite) and coconut flakes was everything I needed to freshen up. It was also surprisingly filling which was a relief because I was starving!


As a traveler this gorgeous cafe is edging slightly out of our price range but if you’re in Cairns it’s worth the trip, after all we need at least one nutritious meal every three weeks!

Let’s end on a pineapplified inspirational quote to really get you ready for the day ahead! 


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