How To: The Ultimate 5 Minute Brunch Salad


You know that feeling when you eat a meal that is so delicious and fulfilling you’re ready to take on anything the rest of the day throws at you?  Well for me, this was that.

I like to call this ‘The Ultimate 5 Minute Brunch Salad’ because well, it’s a salad, made with two classic brunch ingredients in roughly five minutes, making it… pretty ultimate.

With a spinach, cherry tomato and tuna base, we’re already off to a great start. For me personally, halloumi and avo are both up there on my top brunch ingredients list – yes, I have one of those – so for my ultimate brunch salad, they have to be included. I can’t get enough of the fresh, smooth avocado and the chewy, salty fried halloumi (literally throw it in the pan with a bit of coconut oil for 4-5 mins) combination – the contrast in both taste and texture make them work really well together.  To top this delicious bowl of goodness off, I’ve added a drizzling of balsamic vinegar dressing, my absolute favourite!

This salad is super delicious, super fast, making it perfect for a morning rush out the door. Furthermore, it’s light and healthy setting you up nicely for the rest of the day.

The only thing I could think that could give this salad an extra thumbs up is a poached egg (making it more 8 minutes, than 5). Comment below if you have another additional ingredient you think could really make this salad even more tasty! 



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