How To: Boxing Day Brunch Burrito


One of your favourite things about Christmas day? The food!

We all over-cook excessively on Christmas day, no matter what size the family, there’s always a weeks worth of left overs stuffed back into the fridge at the end of the day. So here’s how you can make great use of all those left over bits and bobs for you and all your guests straight away on boxing day morning.

*Drum roll please*

The Boxing Day Brunch Burrito:

Gather all Christmas dinner left overs. For mine, I’ve used stuffing, turkey, roast potatoes, mixed roast veg and gravy.


First, spread the stuffing across the wrap and place the turkey on top (Depending on the types of wraps depends on whether it’s easier to cut it into strips or not).


Place your roasted vegetables on top. Then, cut up your roast potatoes into small chunks – I like to think of this as the hash brown.


Top it off with the gravy.


Roll up your burrito and that’s it! So simple, everything is already cooked, already super flavoursome and now it’s brunch ready for you and all your guests!


Leave a comment below if you have another awesome Christmas leftover recipe!




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