Why, This Year, I’m Drinking More Coffee!?

“New year, new me”, I bet you’ve already seen hundreds of bloggers talking about how they are going to better themselves in 2017. Well, instead of depriving myself of carbohydrates or forcing myself to go to the gym five times a week, my new years resolution is a lot more fun and pleasurable!

Drink more coffee. 

You may be wondering why I’ve decided that 2017 is going to be full of more coffee and should you be doing the same thing? Well young padawan (sorry, I’ve literally just finished a post Christmas Star Wars marathon), all is to be revealed!

Five reasons why my 2017 is going to be coffee filled:

img_1283 Discovering Rainbow Beach’s beautifully decorated coffee cups!

  1. Discover – As strange as that may sound, different places have different cafes; some that may link to the history of the area, the people that live there, they may have discovered an exciting niche, a new way to serve coffee, a unique family recipe, even just have really nice staff! Every cafe is different and I love to discover new places that may inspire me or just give me a really pleasurable, new experience!                          img_1626 Catching up with a backpacker friend, who I met on the East Coast, in Melbourne                                                                                                                                                                           
  2. Social – I find that ‘meeting … for a coffee catch up’ is the most common entry in my social calendar and I want more of it! There’s nothing more I love than meeting up with a girlfriend from home or a backpacker I previously met on the other side of the country and having a good old gossip and catch up! There is something so relaxed and social about the atmosphere in a cafe and it’s cheaper than paying for a meal! Just make sure you are not chatting away soo much that you unintentionally walk out without paying – yep, that happened to me a few weeks ago – ooops!                                  img_5491                               Exploring Key West and finding an incredible Cuban coffee stall                                                             
  3. Explore – Coffee searching is one of my favourite ways to travel! If you’re in a new place, especially cities, and you’ve done the standard tourist attractions and you’re not sure where to go next but you know there’s more to see then coffee is your way through this! Google ‘best coffee spots in …’ and you will find a bunch of unique, non touristy spots that will force you to explore new areas! You have some form of direction and goal but also the ability to steer off track and find new places you would’ve never discovered before, whilst gaining a delicious beverage out of it!img_0169                    See, it even comes with a heart! That’s how you know it’s good for you!                                      
  4. Feel Good – Coffee makes me feel good and I want more feel good feelings! This year I’m determined to concentrate on feeling good and a small part of this is through coffee! It’s a little bit of an energy boost, an increase in my metabolism (hoping it will burn off that Christmas chocolate), an increase in extra nutrients and many other health benefits, coffee is actually good for you, like all things, in moderation. And it tastes and smells divineimg_5833 Catching up on my journal, whilst exploring New York City – I sat in five coffee spots that day                  
  5. Motivation – There’s something about making myself a coffee and putting it on my desk or filling up my takeout cup as I’m walking out the door or popping into a cafe and taking a seat with my mug full, that motivates me in whatever my next task is. Whether it’s sitting at my desk and hammering out a blog post after having a mind blank or getting myself out of the house even if it’s just to go for a walk and get some fresh air and sipping from my cup as I go or even just sitting in a cafe and finally feeling I’m in the right place to write in my journal. This warm, delicious liquid somehow makes me say ‘get it done’, ‘be happy’ and ‘relax’ all in one, wonderful cup. And I will be drinking more and more of this in 2017 because this year, is going to be a feel good, be positive and get shit done kind of year – woohoo!





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