How To: Oats That Make The Most Of Your Over Ripe Fruit


I’ve just got back from a road trip and sitting in the fridge when I got home was an ‘almost too ripe’ banana and half watermelon. Whilst they had just gone past the point of being enjoyable on their own it seemed such a waste to throw them out!

Today, I also walked through the food market and spotted 2 boxes for $4 on the strawberries and I couldn’t resist inquiring. The strawberries didn’t look like the ‘eat them straight out of the box’ kind of strawberries but for only $4 it seemed silly to miss out – I love strawberries!

And that’s when I had my epiphany of showing you guys a great way to utilise that ‘one more day and it’ll be in the bin’ fruit because not only does wasting food suck but it can still be so yummy, you just need to change it up a bit!

So here’s a delicious, oaty brunch that you can throw all that over ripe fruit into super quickly:


First things first, cook your porridge, however you usually do. I like to cook it on the stove, it takes a little longer but I always think the taste and texture is slightly nicer. The porridge I’m trying here is a raspberry Dorset Cereals one and it’s soooo delish, I would definitely recommend it, especially if you’re someone who finds porridge very bland. It has a bunch of seeds, grains and dried raspberries in it and is great on its own.

However, today we’re adding a bit more to our oats:


Slice up your fruit and pop it into a pan with a small amount of water (to stop it burning and to help turn it into a liquid texture – the less water, the thicker the liquid so it depends what you prefer). I also add a drizzle of honey, just to give it an extra sweetness.

Pop this on the stove and continually stir until it turns into a fruity, yummy, liquidy mush. I like to keep all the lumpy, fruity goodness in there but if you’re a bit funny with textures then you can sieve out the lumps and simply be left with a smooth frutilicious liquid.

By now your porridge should be done and you can bring it back onto heat and pour in your fruit. Give this a mix altogether over the heat just for 30 seconds to a minute, just to combine it all smoothly.


I bet you thought I forgot about the watermelon! I could never forget about watermelon, it’s like my favourite thing ever. I’ve simply popped my water melon slices in a mixer with some orange juice. I love to have a glass of orange juice with my brunch and the watermelon just gives it an additional thick texture and cooling, fresh taste, which is sooo wonderful, especially on a hot Aussie summer morning!


And there you have it – I’ve simply saved myself from wasting food whilst enhancing my standard breakfast and it didn’t even take me 10 minutes!



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