3 Apps I use Pre-Morning-Coffee in Order to Have a Mindful Day


This year I’m trying to become more mindful in my mornings. I’m generally a pretty laid-back-kinda-lass however December ’16 presented a few small but not insignificant testing times for me with my mood and mindset. I was therefore keen to find some apps that could help me create more headspace as soon as I woke up, to stop me feeling so bogged down and unnecessarily stressed first thing in the morning.

So here’s my ‘3 apps I use pre-morning-coffee in order to have a mindful day’:


  1. Forest // iOS, Android // – Are you one of those people that wakes up and instantly scans through their phonewaisting hours just glaring at unimportant things? I am. And this habit got even worse when I was unemployed. So what can you do? Download Forest. As soon as I wake up I click on this app and start ‘planting a tree’! You can basically pick an amount of time that you don’t want to look at your phone for. During this time the app will begin to grow a tree. If you click off the app your tree will die. You then begin to build a forest, each tree representing every time you’ve focused. I couldn’t believe that this actually stopped me scanning my phone simply because I didn’t want to kill my tree – it sounds ridiculous but it totally works! You can even pick the reason why you need to focus, be it studying, family time, dinner etc. This really is a top app to Stay focused, be present’. But wait, want to here the best bit!?  Once you’ve earned a certain amount of ‘virtual coin’ you can purchase a REAL TREE TO BE PLANTED! (Click the link for more detail).img_2619
  2. Headspace // iOS, Android // – Have you ever been intrigued by meditation? Have you ever tried putting on some calm, wave noises, closed your eyes and desperately tried to sit still and shhh your mind but given up after three minutes of restlessness, boredom or pins-and-needles? Ever looked at going to meditation classes but decided you’re not ‘hippy’ enough and they are waaaay too expensive? Headspace is your solution. This is my first go at properly learning to meditate. I’ve ‘given it a go’ (see description above) many times but Headspace has got me addicted. Headspace offers you guided meditation. With a starter ‘take 10’ (10 lessons, each 10 minutes) you begin to learn how to meditate and after two more sets of ‘take 10s’ you unlock a huge library of different guided meditation practices, all dedicated to different parts of life; stress, sleep, walking, even kids! The main thing I like about Headspace is that it’s for everyone and everyday life. You don’t have to be religious or spiritual, it’s simply focused on helping you get some more headspace no matter what your lifestyle – makes sense!img_2618
  3. Asana Rebel // iOS, Android // – I’m your classic, ‘obsessed with something for one week then gets over it and never does it again’ kind of person. I have to really love something in order to keep it going, especially when it comes to fitness because my will power is practically non-existent. At home, I attend the gym and because I pay a lot for it monthly I generally make it at least once a week. Whilst travelling however this is a lot more difficult so I’ve been trying a range of fitness apps to see if I can find one that really motivates me. Hallelujah for Asana Rebel and it’s is yoga inspired fitness!  I’ve always loved yoga but again, never stuck at it. This app has a huge range of specific week based programs, daily 5 minute yoga and single workouts all along side a coaching guide that keeps you going! I can not express enough how much It’s made me enjoy exercise – and don’t be fooled by the word yoga, it’s a workout that’s for sure! I’m currently on an 8 week fatburn program and I’ve chosen to do 3 session p/w which each last just under 30mins. I also try and do the 5 minute yoga routine most days. It stretches me out, wakes me up, clears my mind and makes me feel ready for the day. This is a really great app for those that want to find a calming but challenging way to workout in the comfort of their home.


These three apps have genuinely help me become a more positive, mindful person and have truly gained me that pre-coffee morning headspace I was desperately looking for.

If you have any other ‘mindful’ apps that you use, please leave a comment so I can check them out!



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