Valentines Day Morning – Who cares about your relationship status!? Give Yourself a bit of L.O.V.E.


Now, I don’t see valentines day as a big deal. It’s nice to celebrate love but I feel valentines is a little… over-commercialised around couples. I myself am currently in a relationship but I like to look at valentines day being a day of loving those around you but also loving yourself.

I see so many memes and posts on social media (some joking, some not) about people being ‘single again’ for valentines and I think it’s a real shame that we can dread February 14th just because we’re single.

So here’s a post for everyone, relationship or not, on how to give yourself a little bit of extra TLC before work on Tuesday morning because  valentines is a day to celebrate love and it’s nice to show yourself a bit of love every now and then too.


#1 Wake up earlier

I know what you’re thinking – I’m meant to be loving myself, why would I make myself get up even earlier!? – but hear me out. When you start back at work after the Christmas break do you go to bed a bit earlier, have your outfit prep’d, alarm set without snooze, running shoes by the door? I think it’s fair to say that for many of us this go-get-it attitude lasts about 3 days, maybe a week at a stretch and then we fall back into our ‘dragging ourselves out of bed 10 minutes before we have to leave’ routine. However, those good-start mornings often give us our best days. Today you’re loving yourself so why not make it a great day by waking up a bit earlier and breaking that sleepy, depressing morning routine, at least just for this one day. Which leads me nicely onto #2…


#2 Stay in bed, relax, enjoy yourself.

We may be waking up earlier but today we’re not forcing ourselves to have an active, productive morning. No no. Instead, we’re giving ourselves a bit of time to enjoy the morning. Have a stretch, grab a cuppa and hop back under that warm, snuggly duvet. Read for a bit whilst slowly sipping on your cup of tea. Take a long hot shower whilst listening to your favourite song on repeat, pamper yourself, who knows you may even shave your legs – in the morning before work, I know, crazy right!? Today, you’ve given yourself time to relax and for once enjoy your time before you hit the office (or whatever your work place may be) so do whatever you wish you could fit in every morning.


#3 Prep an awesome breakfast

Know what you’re going to have for breakfast, prep it (if you can – overnight oats?), and have it all set so you can pop it on a tray and go back up to bed, continue whatever enjoyable thing you were doing in #2 whilst enjoying a tasty, rush free breakfast. This may not be the case for everyone, I understand not all human beings are as food or more precisely breakfast orientated as I am but for me, a good breakfast really sets me up for the rest of the day – I feel fulfilled and in a good mood if there’s great food in me pre 9am.


#4 Enjoy something new

Treat yourself. Whether it’s grabbing yourself a take out coffee on your way to work, eating warm, fresh croissants with jam even thought they’re normally only allowed on Sundays, wearing your brand new shoes that you brought at the weekend, from you to you or waking up to some fresh flowers on your bedside table (no it is not sad to buy yourself flowers, it’s bloody wonderful because then you get the ones you actually like!). It doesn’t matter how big or small your ‘new’ is but it’s a gift to yourself to say ‘hey me, you’re awesome, keep going, happy love day!’.


#5 Do something for someone they’ll love

Give your partner a card to remind them how great they are, send your bff or your sister a text telling them to have an awesome day because they’re the goddam best, buy your work college a coffee, get some flowers delivered to your parents because they constantly give you so much love and you want to show a little bit of love back. Giving, even if it’s just a text can not only make someone else’s day but it can accelerate yours. It feels great to let the people around you know how much you really do love and appreciate them and it’ll remind them to share a little love too.

So happy valentines day and whether you’re in a relationship or single don’t forget this is a day to give yourself a bit of love too!


*Photos from Pexels *

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