#7 Unique Kitchen Eye Candy Items You’ll Be Dying To Get Your Hands On

I’m currently travelling, have no money and have absolutely no intention (aka the ability) of moving into my own place anytime soon – I mean I am only 20, so there’s no rush. However, as much as bills, rent and other grown up things involved in moving out do not appeal, the idea of decorating my own place is a beyond exciting concept for me.

I can’t start buying things but I can start looking! I have a long ‘wish list’ on my mac for ‘ideas for when the time comes’ and of course my Pinterest ideas boards are added to daily. I thought as morning people you’d like to see some of my kitchen favourites so when you’re making your delicious brunch, you can enjoy the space around you! Plus, I’m sure many of you reading this do have the pleasure of having your own place so you could actually act on this list!

So, here’s 7 wonderful kitchen accessories I’ve got sitting at the top of my wish list:

(Click photos for links to product websites *Photos are taken from Websites*)


#1 Het Paradijs – Undressed Tea Set

These. Are. So. Cool. I absolutely love them. What a fun, quirky and strangely beautiful idea! Why I want to drink my morning tea out of a naked woman’s cup, I’m really not sure but I’m desperate to get my hands on this set!


#2 Jolene Heart – Eat Pretty, Nutrition for Beauty Inside and Out

First things first, just look at the cover of this book. Even before I discovered the wonderful contents inside I just wanted to frame it on my kitchen wall. This book is all about beauty – from just looking at it, to learning all the food knowledge that inspires us to be beautiful inside and out. It’s full of information about nourishing foods for each season to help our bodies, foods that target certain beauty concerns, recipes for beauty, how to adjust your daily food and lifestyle choices to be more beautiful and so so soooo many more beautiful things.


#3 SMEG – 50s Style Retro Blender

I’m pretty sure I’ve wanted a pastel green retro kettle since I was 7 years old with a plastic kitchen set… they are just so aesthetically pleasing. And now all dreams of dreams, A MATCHING BLENDER! So all those instagramable smoothie bowls can be made in an equally instagramable blender!? … I need to get a life… But seriously, I feel like no matter what style your kitchen is, this style just go’s! (When you click on the link, check out the ‘matching range’ on the right hand side, the whole set is amaaaaazing!!)


#4 Zara – Blue Stripped Full Length Apron

Anyone who knows me knows I’m a Zara fanatic. In fact I’d probably go far enough to say it’s my favourite clothes store – I’m. Obsessed. Who knew they did such a big, amazing home collection as well!? Oh Zara, you have just made my day! I love this apron – what’s better than making beautiful food, whilst protecting your beautiful clothes underneath a beautiful apron!? I’m worried I’d get this home and start wearing it out the house… some of them honestly look like dresses! I have picked the one that’s very much my style, but there are some seriously beautiful cotton aprons on their ‘Kitchen Textiles’ category so be sure to check them out (this coral one is stunning – what a great present idea!?)


#5 Instax – Photo Fridge Magnets

You’ll be shocked to know this Instagram divotee loves photos, especially polaroids. They’re all over my room and with this new discovery they’re going to be all over my kitchen too! I think this is such a cool, fun idea and a great way to add a personal touch to your kitchen. Whether it’s food inspo, photos of your family and friends or even a fridge full of your dogs face, I love that I can get magnets to jazz up my fridge that actually mean something to me (and that they look stylish too!)


#6 Zara – Orange Metal Tray With Wooden Handles

So as you can imagine, once I’d discovered the Zara homeware section, it was pretty hard not to just upload 500 things from Zara. I did however see this orange (my absolute favourite colour) tray and couldn’t resist sharing it with you guys. It’s got that perfect simple but still bright and beautiful style that I adore, and how great would this go with the SMEG retro green collection above, that I’m absolutely going to be rich enough to buy all off!


#7 The Felting Dorcas – Felt Ball Placemat 

Placemats can be sooo naff, mostly I think because they’re trying to do multiple jobs of looking okay whilst being easy to clean and not too breakable. And I’m not saying these would be the best purchase if you have 3 kids, or any kids in fact – I’m not sure how easily Ribena and mushed strawberries would come out of these.(However, If you do have kids you should check out the rest of their Etsy shop;their products are seriously awesome, like this heart melting crib mobile). But back to the placemat. Oh wow. There’s no denying their gorgeous, classy, modern style and texture. I’m in love – who would’ve thought I could feel this way about a placemat… They do a wide variety of colours, however I think this grey is totally up my street, so perfect for a white or marble table.

So there you have it! 7 super gorgeous items to style up your kitchen because there’s nothing nicer than cooking in a space you love!




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