3 Nutritious Ingredients to Boost Your Morning Tea


I always like to start my day with a cup of tea – normally a green tea. It freshens me up, hydrates my body and ‘cleanses my pallet’ (in other words, get’s rid of that groggy morning feeling).

But I’ve discovered 3 ingredients that give my morning tea that extra boost to not only help me with the day ahead but also improve my health in the long term.

#1 Apple Cider Vinegar

A teaspoon of apple cider vinegar every morning has been popping up in all the model and celebrity ‘secret health tips’.  Whilst the smell isn’t so appealing, the health benefits will certainly attract you to adding a spoon of this to your morning tea.

Ever wake up with an uncomfortable stomach, potentially from the midnight pizza the night before? ACV helps soothe the entire gastrointestinal tract, preventing stomach cramps, gas and best of all, bloating. It’s also been said to reduce hunger and encourage weight loss, so whilst we never skip breakfast, it’s always helpful when you’re trying to stop the 7 pre-lunch time snacks (am I the only one who does that…?). See more benefits here.


#2 Lemon

You’ve probably heard this one a thousand times but the health benefits of lemon in your morning tea are undeniable.

Lemons detoxify the whole body and what’s better than initiating that flushing out process as soon as you wake up. Lemons cleanse and nourish your body from the inside out, so whilst all those beauty products are great, this stuff cleans from the core.

They’ll also boost your energy and improve your mood which everyone needs at 6:30am on a rainy Wednesday morning. See more benefits here.

3# Mint 

Waking up with a headache? Mint is a naturally soothing substance and it relieves congestion in the body therefore helping diminish that thick, achey head that can so often ruin our day right from the start.

Bad morning breath? Mint is known to quickly freshen breath (hence the general flavour of tooth paste being mint) so having it in your tea and even chewing it once you’ve finished your cup is a great way to eliminate those germs and bad odors still lingering. See more benefits here.

If you have anymore natural remedies or ingredients to add to your morning cup of tea let us know by leaving a comment below!



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