My Morning

Morning Journal #1

I’m currently living in Melbourne, working in a cafe and living a very pleasant and simple life. I generally get two random week days off and in this time I have acquired a morning routine that very much reflects my current ‘pleasant and simple’ lifestyle. I thought I’d share it, maybe as some inspiration for you but also as a bit more of a personal insight into my life.

I wake up any time between eight and nine o’clock – this is an alarm free day. Saying that, I am contemplating whether I should get myself into a ‘7 o’clock every morning’ routine but at the same time I think, when I’m 50 and no matter how little sleep I may have had the night before, still can’t wake up any later than 6:30, I think I’ll kind of be pissed off at my 20 year old self for not enjoying the ability to sleep in.

I normally scan though my phone aimlessly (another habit I’m trying to get rid of – see how here) and get out of bed around 9. I think it would be good to insert a cup of tea at this point because it’s a nice healthy wake up call and at least that will get me out of bed. I wash my face, brush my teeth, drink some water and eat a banana. I get changed into my gym clothes, grab my purse, bottle, phone, head phones, key and head out the door.


The gym is literally five minutes from my apartment so I walk there; I love that I can walk there – it wakes me up and just makes everything so easy (especially when I’m going before work). I work out for half-an-hour to an hour, depending on what I’m doing/how I’m feeling but generally if I don’t have a something on, I like to take my time. My workout routine varies but as an example:  walk incline for 10 minutes // run for 25 minutes // abb and butt routine on matts for 10-20 minutes. I’d like to start going to classes (they’re included in my membership) I’m just getting the guts up to go and try something new – I used to go to classes on my own so I don’t know why I’m being such a baby.

After the gym I walk down the high street, popping in any shops if I need anything – normally the market for some fruit – then I go to work. Work being a cafe, with excellent coffee (that I get for free – cafe job perks) and insaaanely good brownies. I catch up with whoever’s working (even though I probably saw them yesterday), normally serve a few customers as I’m there, have a soy flat white (I’m trying to cut down a little bit on dairy – comment below if you’d like a post about why) and a brownie with whatever berries I’ve just brought at the market. ‘A brownie for breakfast!?’ you’re thinking. I know, it kinda contradicts my workout but at the same time they taste incredible and who gives a f*ck – happy day off, right!


So, post free coffee and $3 brownie I head home. Shower, get changed, pop on a bit of make up if I feel like it, potentially edit a photo I took of my coffee *see above* and pop it onto my planoly for uploading to instagram in probably about 3 weeks… then I head back out.

It’s normally nice and sunny by this point (although it is Melbourne so you never know what the weather holds) and I grab my laptop and head to ‘my blogging cafe’ Platform 3. This is also a five minute walk from my flat (perks of living next to a highstreet) and has free wifi woohoo! I normally sit there from 1-3ish (so I guess this is not very morningy anymore…) and try and get as much blog work done as possible. Sometimes I grab a coffee, sometimes smoothies/fresh orange juice/acia bowls – it depends on the day and how rich (I’m very broke) I’m feeling.


I’m loving this routine at the moment. It’s the perfect balance of easy going but productive and makes me really look forward to my Liv time.

Let me know if you like these journal posts and if you’d like more of them! And if you’re also a brownie for breakfast person I’d love to know – maybe I’ll not feel as guilty or maybe I’ll start a cult… who knows.




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